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Property Management Software

Management One Solutions a forward-thinking company has changed the rules of the game using new proprietary systems with software integration and the power of the Internet to automate your business.

M1Solutions Software Features

Fast track your team's learning curve. See why Management One Solutions Software is unsurpassed in transforming complex property management software into a simple, easy to use platform. You will be up and running in a matter of just a few hours.


property management software


  • Benefit: Accessible virtually anywhere. Secure, Reliable & Stable Data 

Mobile Integrated Interface

  • Benefit: Access your system remotely.

Property & Inspection Photos

  • Benefit: Upload Property photos directly from your Tablet or Computer and store them in the Cloud.
Vendor Portal w. Paperless Invoicing
  • Benefit: Improve your billing and payment process by receiving invoices from vendors more timely.The Vendor is able to convert the Work Order into an invoice, right in their Vendor Portal, with the click of a button. The office will be automatically notified of the invoice submittal and accounting can schedule the payment with no delay.

User-friendly Navigation

  • Benefit: Spend more time finding your information quickly and less time flipping through screens. Our Command Center Dashboard combines and displays most of the necessary information, you may need, on one page and “at a glance”.

Help Tools & Training Videos

  • Benefit: Making the transition to our software is simplified with our on-screen video training. No going to a library just click and start watching right from the screen you’re on.

CRM Internal Functionality

  • Benefit: Managing a Prospect and converting them to an existing client has never been easier. You can manage all your Prospective Calls & Follow-up Processes through to Conversion, right in the software itself. In the M1Solutions Software, creating the client file from a prospect file is just one click away.

File Management

  • Benefit: Keep your files organized and your staff on the same page with our Notepad Feature. Each file has a Notepad to timestamp and records notifications, updates, communications, and correspondences as they relate to the file.

Online Portals

property management software
  • Benefit: Achieve streamlined communication with your Owners, Residents, and Vendors…

Accounting ACH Payment Processing

  • Benefit: Pay your owners and vendors faster with ACH Payment Processing. Fast, easy, safe and secure.

Report Features

  • Benefit: Know the performance of your business, on-demand and in a snap. More than 100 different built-in Reports designed to give you a snapshot from any aspect of your business.

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