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Property Management Insights

How to Provide Rockstar Customer Service in Property Management

by Jessica Juarez Jessica Juarez on February 11, 2018 08:22:02PM

Being a receptionist is an emotionally demanding job. The phones ring non-stop, clients casually drop by the office, co-workers give you pesky tasks such as scanning, filing, mailing, etc. Multi-tasking is crucial. So, in the midst of the chaos, how do you provide Rockstar Customer Service?  How do you “smile” for each caller? How do you remain sane in this tedious cycle?

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How to create consistency in the property management training process

by Kristan Pennington Kristan Pennington on December 27, 2017 09:24:06PM

I'm sure you'd agree that having consistency throughout the property management training process is tough when everyone seems to have their own "best way of training”.

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How to Prepare Your Property Management Company for a Real Estate Audit

by Cheri Thomas Cheri Thomas on December 19, 2017 06:26:51PM

If you have spent any time in property management, then more than likely you have received that dreaded notice in the mail, “It’s time for the audit of your property management company.” The audit letter outlines the appointment date and time for your company audit. It’s time to get prepared and ready for the audit with confidence.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first audit or your 100th, the reaction is the same. Your heart starts beating so hard, you swear you can see it through your shirt, your forehead is damp with sweat, and you feel faint.

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Rental Property Maintenance: Contractors Vs In-House Maintenance

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on December 1, 2017 09:58:28PM

If I were not in this field of property management, I'd probably not give rental property maintenance a second thought. Shoot, probably not even a first thought.

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Rental Property Repairs and Contractor Pricing

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on November 25, 2017 12:43:28AM

There are so many moving parts to managing a property. With over 3,300 items that make up a home, it is certainly a challenge to keep track of all of it. Now add to that contractor pricing in regard to rental repairs. Yikes! All the horror stories out there with contractors starting work but not completing it, or running off with funds, or doing sub-standard work, this can be a daunting challenge, one which we have, happily, addressed.

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Top 6 Mistakes Made in Property Management

by Kristan Pennington Kristan Pennington on November 16, 2017 06:14:35PM

Does this describe you? You just received your Property manager certification and now you are ready to start a property management business. You have all the book knowledge you need to be successful, right?

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Top 25 Items in a Property Management Agreement You Need to Know

by Cara Hopsiter Cara Hopsiter on October 20, 2017 04:09:55PM

Whether you are just getting started in property management or have been in the industry for years, having a substantial property management agreement in place is essential. You don’t want to find yourself in court, standing before a judge while he rules in favor of the landlord, slaps you with a huge fine, or shuts down your company altogether.

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7 Steps to Hiring Subcontractors for Property Management

by Ron Sudman Ron Sudman on October 13, 2017 06:19:52PM

There is nothing like sitting down at your desk with a cup of coffee to get your mind in the place to take on whatever the day has in store for you. That’s when you notice that blinking red light on your phone…you have a voicemail waiting for you.

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Top 18 Items to Include in a Lease Agreement

by Cara Hopsiter Cara Hopsiter on September 22, 2017 08:40:56PM

You just signed your first management agreement, now begins the task of finding a resident for the property, and they will need to sign a lease agreement. That’s when it dawns on you; you need a lease agreement for them to sign. Where can you find a lease agreement? What should you include in the agreement?

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Top 8 Property Management Software (Reviews and Ratings)

by Ron Sudman Ron Sudman on September 8, 2017 07:37:06PM

Here it is, the first of the month. It is by far the busiest time of the month in any property management company. Residents are paying rent, rents are being processed, sending checks to landlords, and property inspectors are posting 3-day notices. That’s when it hits you; you really need a property management software to help you manage the natural chaos that comes from “rent time.”

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