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Property Management Insights

Rental Property Repairs and Contractor Pricing

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on November 25, 2017 12:43:28AM

There are so many moving parts to managing a property. With over 3,300 items that make up a home, it is certainly a challenge to keep track of all of it. Now add to that contractor pricing in regard to rental repairs. Yikes! All the horror stories out there with contractors starting work but not completing it, or running off with funds, or doing sub-standard work, this can be a daunting challenge, one which we have, happily, addressed.

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Top 5 Property Management Franchises (Reviews/Ratings)

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on August 15, 2017 08:30:31PM

Are you an entrepreneur thinking about joining the ranks of franchise owners? Are looking for property management franchise information, such as reviews and ratings? Are you looking for a way to add consistent cash flow to your Real Estate Office? You may already manage properties, or maybe you're looking for something unique and challenging, which also has a slew of rewards too. Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed at all the work. 

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Property Management Franchise vs Property Management License

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on August 3, 2017 09:38:13PM

Most property managers “fall” into property management. You start out by managing a few properties for a client, family member or friend, then word spreads, and before you know it you are managing 25-100 properties.

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