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Property Management Insights

Why You Need Property Management Accounting Software

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on August 1, 2018 07:32:00PM

How many programs are you using to balance your books? One to track rental payments from residents? One to pay bills? Where do keep track of what residents paid rent and those who didn’t? Wouldn’t it be great to have everything under one roof?

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Lease Property Management Software: Why You Need It

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on July 10, 2018 09:10:27PM

In today’s world of more renting and less buying, your property management company is most likely seeing a boom in inquiries by prospective residents. If you are like most property management companies across the country, most of your leasing process is still the good old fashion pen and paper. Tracking the applications on a ledger in Excel or Word, jotting down notes in some random folder. And God forbid your leasing consultant is out ill one day or out on vacation, and someone has to fill in and make sense of the “madness.”

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Marketing Is a Necessary Evil for Your Rental Property Business

by Ron Sudman Ron Sudman on May 1, 2018 11:03:23PM

Marketing Is a Necessary Evil for Your Rental Property Business


If you’re a rental property owner or manager, the number-one item on your list of responsibilities is to get residents into your rental units. To do that, you have to constantly and effectively market your properties so you keep them filled and have a pool of potential residents to tap into when a resident moves out. Effective marketing means so much more than nailing up neighborhood fliers or putting a sign in the window. 

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Property Inspector Software: Why you need it in your company

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on April 17, 2018 10:22:04PM

Property inspector software should not be some fabled thing made up of a hodge podge of programs that one must adapt to in order to make it work right. Or, rather, it does not have to be. One should not have a bunch of programs working together to accomplish a task. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a property management platform that incorporated the tasks of a property inspector and the paperwork?

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Property Management Customer Reviews: The Good, The Bad, The Reality

by Trisha Trisha on February 17, 2018 01:55:24AM

Property Management Customer Reviews: The Good, The Bad, The Reality


Do you remember when you were contemplating a big purchase and you wanted to know who the “best in town” was, you would just ask your co-workers or friends, right?

You would take the advice of two or three people and then make your purchase. Well, times have changed a bit. Today we live in a world of social media, and everyone has an online voice – and an opinion to go with it.

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How to Provide Rockstar Customer Service in Property Management

by Jessica Juarez Jessica Juarez on February 11, 2018 08:22:02PM

Being a receptionist is an emotionally demanding job. The phones ring non-stop, clients casually drop by the office, co-workers give you pesky tasks such as scanning, filing, mailing, etc. Multi-tasking is crucial. So, in the midst of the chaos, how do you provide Rockstar Customer Service?  How do you “smile” for each caller? How do you remain sane in this tedious cycle?

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16 Critical Steps to Starting a Property Management Company

by Kristan Pennington Kristan Pennington on January 16, 2018 07:51:17PM

You are pretty sure you are ready to take a bite of the $39 billion dollar “pie” that makes up property management, but what steps does it really take to open a property management company?

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How to create consistency in the property management training process

by Kristan Pennington Kristan Pennington on December 27, 2017 09:24:06PM

I'm sure you'd agree that having consistency throughout the property management training process is tough when everyone seems to have their own "best way of training”.

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How to Prepare Your Property Management Company for a Real Estate Audit

by Cheri Thomas Cheri Thomas on December 19, 2017 06:26:51PM

If you have spent any time in property management, then more than likely you have received that dreaded notice in the mail, “It’s time for the audit of your property management company.” The audit letter outlines the appointment date and time for your company audit. It’s time to get prepared and ready for the audit with confidence.  It doesn’t matter if it’s your first audit or your 100th, the reaction is the same. Your heart starts beating so hard, you swear you can see it through your shirt, your forehead is damp with sweat, and you feel faint.

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Rental Property Maintenance: Contractors Vs In-House Maintenance

by Steve Hembree Steve Hembree on December 1, 2017 09:58:28PM

If I were not in this field of property management, I'd probably not give rental property maintenance a second thought. Shoot, probably not even a first thought.

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